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About Us

Moms of Surrender isn't just a's a MOVEMENT!

  • A movement of moms unafraid to throw their hands up in total surrender to the Lord

  • A movement of moms breaking generational curses

  • A movement of moms speaking and declaring generational blessings

  • A movement of moms unafraid to admit that..."I NEED GOD"

Through empowerment, inspiration, and motivation, Moms of Surrender was created to show moms of all ages, backgrounds, and walks of life, the beauty and the power found in surrender!

Our prayer for every mom who visits our site or our online community is that you will see just how much God loves you and your children, and that you will make 

the life changing decision to surrender to that love!

Our Founder

Tiarra Stokes is a lover of Jesus Christ, mom, author, and speaker who has committed her life to empowering, and uplifting others through the message of hope and reconciliation. As an overcomer of a destructive lifestyle of addiction, anxiety, and depression, Tiarra's greatest desire is to see others overcome, and be free, too!

Being an only child raised by a single mom, Tiarra saw the power of a mom who made the decision to surrender to the Lord, and how that decision can shift entire generations! Now, a mom herself, Tiarra has dedicated her journey of motherhood to that of total surrender to the Lord, while also making the commitment to help other moms see the beauty and the power found in their surrender!


Hey mama!
Thank you so much for visiting our site! I'm so excited to have you here! Whether you decide to purchase from our store, or subscribe to our blog, I pray that as you make your way through all the things we have for you here that you feel empowered, motivated, and most importantly that you make the life changing decision to surrender your journey of motherhood to the Lord! Enjoy! 


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