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5 Ways to Comfort your Children in a time of Crisis

The moment you become a mom literally your whole world becomes all about your children. You do everything you can to make sure they feel loved and protected. You make sure they know without a doubt that with you, they’re in a place of safety. You provide a nurturing home environment to nurture their gifts, create a healthy space for them to express themselves, and often sacrifice a lot just to make sure they’re well taken care of. When they doubt themselves you go over and beyond to make sure they know just how special they are. When they lack the confidence to do great things, you remind them just how capable they really are. For those of you with school age children I’m sure you’ll never forget how you felt the first day you dropped your child off for their first day of kindergarten, or how proud you felt when they got the lead role in their school play. You will never forget that day when they lost their first tooth and how excited they were. You will probably never forget the very first time you laid eyes on them in the hospital, and how almost instantaneously you felt an overwhelming responsibility to comfort them! If we’re really honest comforting our children, and making them feel secure is some how easier when life is normal. It’s easier on days when we have less obstacles to overcome. It’s easier on the days when the sun is shining bright. But what about the times when life as usual changes suddenly. What about the times when our everyday routines suddenly have to be adjusted. What about the times when all of sudden tragedy strikes all around them, and the world that they’re use to no longer looks the same.

How do we comfort our children in times of crisis? With all that we see taking place in the world around us, we can expect our children to wonder sometimes. We can expect them to wonder what’s really going on. We can expect them to feel a little uneasy, and even for some, a little afraid. We can expect them to ask the hard questions that we may not even have the answers to. In these times our children will look to us even more than before. So how do we comfort them in times of crisis? 1. Pray FOR them, and WITH them often! There’s absolutely no better time than in a time of crisis to remind our children how important prayer is. We must remind them that even in dark times, we can find hope in the Lord! Praying with them often helps them to find comfort in knowing that the Lord reigns even in crisis, and that if they’re ever afraid they can place their fear in His hands, and He will replace it with peace.

2. Listen to them It’s inevitable that our kids will ask a lot of questions and have a lot to say during these times. We can comfort them by listening to them and letting them know that their voice matters, and that their concerns are important. This provides them with the place of safety that they’re in need of during such a transitional time. 3. Get them involved Nothing brings comfort like knowing that even in times of crisis you’re helping others. There’s so many things we can do to help those being impacted by this crisis like distributing water, food, and supplies. We can comfort our children by letting them get involved when we choose to help others. We can also comfort them by getting them involved around the house. Let them help cook dinner. Let them help clean. Get them involved. 4. Be honest with them Let them know the truth of what’s going on, and explain to them why it’s important to have certain precautions in place. This will comfort them when they begin to ask the why questions, and don’t quite understand why suddenly their everyday routine is changing. 5. Love on them a little more than usual The truth is a lot of our children will probably go through moments of uncertainty, and fear during this sudden change. We can provide comfort to them by simply hugging them a little more than usual, letting them know how grateful we are to have them home with us even under unfortunate circumstances, and being more present in their everyday affairs. The last thing we want to do is make our children feel like a burden during an already tough time for them. We can provide comfort just by going over and beyond to let them know just how much we love and adore them!

_______________________________________ In times of crisis our children will look to us a lot more than usual. I pray that these five things will help you provide the comfort that your children need during this time, and that you find peace as you try to navigate this new normal! Do you know a mom who could use this encouragement? SHARE THIS WITH THEM! If this helped you or encouraged you in any way let me know in the comments below. I would absolutely love to hear from you. 😊

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